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How to Watch President Donald Trump's State of the Union Live on TV and Online

NOTE: NBC Chicago will offer a live stream with complete coverage of the address right here beginning at 8 p.m. CT.

President Donald Trump is set to give his first State of the Union address Tuesday night, a "big speech" that will look back at his first year in office and look ahead to a second. 

The entire speech will be aired live on NBC 5 and can also be streamed on the NBC Chicago app and website

Trump intends to use the address to highlight his trade policies and make a pitch to Democrats on immigration, he said Monday.

The president told reporters that the speech would be important for what he says on trade, saying, "The world has taken advantage of us on trade for many years and, as you've probably noticed, we're stopping that." He added that it would cover immigration as well, noting that he needed Democratic votes to pass a bill resolving the fate of young people covered under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

White House officials have also said he would cite economic progress under his watch while pushing for bipartisanship with Democrats on issues such as rebuilding roads and bridges.

But he won't be the only one using the speech to send a message. Some female Democratic members of Congress will wear black in solidarity with victims of sexual harassment and assault, dozens of young immigrants will be in the gallery at the invitation of House Democratic leadership and so will Bill Nye the Science Guy, a critic of the president's who is nevertheless working with Trump's pick for the leader of NASA.

The White House said Sunday that the president would point to a robust economy and low unemployment during his first year and the benefits of a tax overhaul during Tuesday's address to Congress and the nation. Aides have said Trump, who stayed at the White House over the weekend as he prepared, is expected to set aside his more combative tone for one of compromise and bipartisanship.

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