Unlucky Lottery Ticket

Employees accuse boss of being greedy with commission

The winning lottery ticket sold in the northern suburb of Wadsworth was very lucky for one person, but not quite so for four employees at the gas station that sold it.

According the former manager and three cashiers, the Wadsworth Mobil owner fired them because he didn't want to share the one-percent commission he received.

Sabu Elvumkll, the former manager, explained that he had met with the gas station owners, requesting that some of the $255,000 commission be shared with him and his fellow employees.

After the meeting, Elvumkll and the employees were fired.

"Whoever is the owner of that store would receive that one percent. Whatever they decide to do with that money is up to them," Illinois Lottery spokesperson Laura Lehmann told the Lake County News-Sun.

She went on to say that commission recipients are under no obligation to share the money with their employees, though many do.

Wadsworth Mobil owner Jose Mathew said he fired Elvumkll because his inventory was never properly stocked, and he fired the three cashiers because they didn't show up for work with a new manager.

Yet, it's still strange that all the workers who were let go were also all involved in selling the winning ticket.

"I think everybody was treated unfairly," said former cashier Sandy Creamer, who took on the second job after her husband died. "It all stems from greed."

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