Timeline: David Koschman Case

David Koschman died from a single punch thrown during a drunken argument in the early morning hours of April 25, 2004. Here's the timeline of what happened leading up to the incident and the events following Koschman's death.


  • April 24: David Koschman and four friends head to Chicago’s Division Street bars for a night of partying.
  • April 25: In the early morning hours an argument ensues between the Koschman group and a group of four which include R.J. Vanecko, Bridget and Kevin McCarthy and Craig Denham.
  • Later that morning Nanci Koschman receives a call that her son is in the intensive care unit at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.
  • May 6: David Koschman dies at Northwestern Hospital.
  • May 20: Police conduct a lineup with R.J. Vanecko at the Belmont and Western Police station.  No positive ID is made, according to police.


  • Jan. 4: Sun-Times reporter Tim Novak requests the Chicago police reports from the Koschman investigation through the Freedom of Information Act.
  • Jan. 18: Chicago police release a heavily redacted report stating the Koschman case remained an open investigation.
  • Feb. 28: The Chicago Sun-Times publishes its first piece on David Koschman. NBC5 News reports its first piece on Koschman, including the first interview with Nanci Koschman.
  • March 1: Chicago police “close” the Koschman case stating that R.J. Vanecko threw the punch that killed David Koschman, but he did so in self-defense. 
  • March 24: Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez, in her first comments on the case, says no favoritism was given to Vanecko; that Koschman initiated the fight; and said her office could not find a single report or case file relating to the Koschman investigation.
  • Dec. 15: Attorney’s representing Nanci Koschman call for a Special Prosecutor. Those calling for the Special Prosecutor were Locke Bowman of the MacArthur Justice Foundation, Flint Taylor of the People’s Law Office and Andy Shaw of the Better Government Association.


  • March 29: A hearing is held at the Criminal Courts building on the motion to appoint a Special Prosecutor.
  • April 23: Judge Michael Toomin appoints Dan Webb as Special Prosecutor.
  • Dec. 3: Vanecko is charged with one count of involuntary manslaughter in Koschman's death.



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