The Outfit's Open Secret

Reputed leader left standing

The federal Operation Family Secrets rolled up virtually all of the top, most well-known members of the Outfit except one, and serious mob-watchers have been wondering for awhile now how the last man standing from the old guard remains free: John "No Nose" DiFronzo, believed to be the boss of the Chicago mob.

DiFronzo's Wikipedia entry describes him as "a former enforcer and Caporegime," and notes that "DiFronzo was convicted along with then-current Chicago boss Samuel "Black Sam" Carlisi on federal charges in 1993, however, the conviction was reversed on appeal and DiFronzo was released from prison in 1994. Accordingly, DiFronzo has more than two dozen arrests."

DiFronzo has so far eluded authorities even though, as ABC7's Chuck Goudie reported on Wednesday  night, key Family Secrets witness Nick Calabrese "testified that DiFronzo had a hand in the grisly, 1986 murders of Las Vegas mob boss Anthony Spilotro and his brother Michael. During a sentencing hearing last month, Park Ridge dentist Dr. Pat Spilotro challenged the government to arrest DiFronzo for his part in killing of his brothers." 

Goudie caught up with DiFronzo at the Loon Cafe in west suburban River Grove and, after ABC7 cameras captured DiFronzo serving up lunch to his buddies, questioned him in the parking lot:

GOUDIE: How was the meeting?

DIFRONZO: What meeting?

GOUDIE: The pizza lunch.

DIFRONZO: Oh, yeah. that was good. That was good.

GOUDIE: You come here a lot?

DIFRONZO: No, first time.

GOUDIE: Mr. Damico in there?

DIFRONZO: I have . . . I don't even know who he is.

GOUDIE: I thought I saw him going into your lunch.

DIFRONZO: No, I haven't seen him. He hasn't been around.

GOUDIE: Are you concerned that you may end up in Family Secrets Two?

DIFRONZO: I'm not concerned at all . . . bye bye . . . nice talkin' to you.

Rosemont village's ties to the DiFronzo family's D&P Construction was one of the things that doomed its attempt to land a casino there.

D&P lost its snow plowing contract with UIC "after revelations surfaced during the Family Secrets mob trial last summer that reputed mob boss John 'No Nose' DiFronzo took part in a double murder."

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