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The Food Guy tries Pizza Hut's new ‘Chicago Tavern-Style' pizza. Here's the verdict

Steve Dolinsky shares his thoughts on the "tavern-style" offering from Pizza Hut

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Just a few weeks after Pizza Hut made a bold announcement claiming they were now offering the "true" Chicago-style pizza, NBC Chicago's Food Guy, Steve Dolinsky, got himself a pie to see what the hype is about.

According to Pizza Hut's website, the newly debuted pizza is "inspired by the bar pies of Chicago" and is crafted with "a touch of Pizza Hut magic."

Dolinsky picked up his tavern-style pie from the Lakeview Pizza Hut near the intersection of North Clark Street and West Wellington Avenue, a "medium" pizza around 12 inches large that was purchased for $22.89.

According to Dolinsky, the pizza was baked at 420 degrees for in between eight and eight-and-a-half minutes, remarking that the pizza could have used a higher temperature.

Though the cheese used on the pizza earned praise from The Food Guy, Dolinsky was not impressed with the flavor of the sausage or the size of the square-cut slices, noting that they're larger than what is seen in most tavern-style pizzas.

The slices also struggled to hold their shape when held up on their own, with Dolinsky noting that tavern-style slices are typically crisp enough to not flop over when held.

"It's cut into squares, and it's thin. But is it Chicago tavern-style? No," Dolinsky said after digging in.

"It should be cracker-thin, it should be crispier, the sausage should have more fennel and certainly more fat in it," Dolinsky said.

Dolinsky also noted that Pizza Hut didn't offer giardiniera, despite picking up his pie from a location well within city limits.

While those trying out the new pizzas can customize their own toppings, Pizza Hut is also offering recipes such as double pepperoni, pesto margherita and spicy chicken sausage.

The pizzas are currently available at participating locations and will only be around for a limited time, according to the chain.

You can find out if your nearby location is offering the tavern-style pies by looking at the menu for the closest Pizza Hut to you on their website.

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