Quigley On The Issues

Where our new rep stands

The issues didn't get much attention during the campaign so here's a few things you ought to know about where Mike Quigley stands besides against corruption and Todd Stroger and for reform.

HEALTH CARE: Takes an incremental approach. "First and foremost, Mike Quigley knows we need an overhaul of our health insurance system that will provide affordable, accessible health care for all Americans," his website says. "This can be accomplished by building upon - not tearing down - our preexisting health-care system, while utilizing the doctors, providers and plans already in place. Government needs to step in to provide solutions for those who lack full coverage, while not disrupting care for those who are satisfied with their current plan."

ECONOMY: Supports the stimulus plan and the president's budget even though he has called for cutting pork out of the federal budget. "Quigley will not vote for a tax increase during a recession and supports letting the Bush tax cuts expire in 2011," Progress Illinois reports.

FOREIGN POLICY:  Supports ending the war in Iraq and refocusing in Afghanistan.

ENVIRONMENT:  A huge greenie. Opposes tax credits for bio-diesel mixtures.

SOCIAL SECURITY:  Wants to leave it alone for the moment, according to PI.

IMMIGRATION:  Middle of the road. "Mike supports comprehensive immigration reform. As a member of Congress, Mike would join forces with Congressman Luis Gutierrez and others to enact legislation providing a path toward citizenship for law-abiding immigrants who have been in this country for many years - while,at the same time, protecting the integrity of America's borders."

MISCELLANEOUS:  Supports mandatory drug-testing for public employees, according to PI.

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