A Bears Locker Room Divided

Presidential election stirs debate among players

In the Bears locker room, it's rare to hear a dissenting opinion.   Lovie Smith and his coaching staff deliver the message for the week and the players listen and repeat to the media.  But these past few weeks, more than a few Monsters of the Midway have broken from Lovie Smith's message.  You see, Coach Smith is a supporter of presidential candidate Barack Obama.   Some agree, some do not.

Fullback Jason McKie, who grew up in a military family, is one of the more vocal Obama backers in the football locker room. 

"I would say this locker room is split," McKie explained, calling the conversations with his teammates after each of the Presidential debates "heated."  The normally tight-knit linebacker corp is divided.  Jamar Williams is not afraid to campaign in the locker room for Obama, while fellow linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer preaches the Republican viewpoint. 

In a locker room with million-dollar athletes, their number one issue of concern comes as no surprise.

"Taxes," said kicker Robbie Gould, "that's what everyone in this locker room is most concerned with."

But who is going to protect their money is one thing they don't agree on. 

"Dusty Dvoracek was a Republican, but he's come over to the other side," Jamar Williams exclaimed.  But when queried, Dvoracek would only say, "no comment". 

And if you think their voting is based on demographics and how they grew up (poor?  wealthy?), it's not necessarily so.  Defensive Tackle Tommie Harris said he wants to protect his money, but needs to take care of his family too.  

"We have enough money, we have to protect our families now," then added with a laugh that, by voting with the Democrats, maybe his family won't be asking him for money anymore! 

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