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Poll: Mark Kirk Has Second Lowest Approval Rating Among US Senators

The senator earned the second lowest approval rating among active US senators

Sen. Mark Kirk received the second-lowest approval rating among active US senators in a new poll by Morning Consult.

Kirk, who is facing a tough bid for reelection against Rep. Tammy Duckworth, received a 39 percent approval rating. He also received a 33 percent disapproval rating, the seventeenth highest among senators. In addition to this, twenty-nine percent of respondents remained undecided.

Nevertheless, the Kirk camp remained positive about the numbers.

"The poll confirms that Illinois voters approve of Senator Kirk's thoughtful, independent leadership," Kirk spokesman Kevin Artl said in a statement.

In comparison, Democratic Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin received a 43 percent approval rating and a 36 percent disapproval rating. Twenty-one percent of respondents remained undecided.

Only Sen. Gary Peters of Michigan had a lower approval rating than Kirk at 38 percent.

Kirk was also ranked the seventh-most “unknown” senator. Peters also ranked first on that list.

Democratic presidential candidate and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders had the highest approval rating at 80 percent.

The poll was based on interviews with 62,000 registered voters taken since January.

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