Northwestern's “Wounded Warrior” Uniforms Spark Controversy

Critics say special design resembles blood spatter

Northwestern University's football team is making some people uncomfortable with a new uniform design meant to support the country's wounded veterans.

The team on Monday unveiled the special uniforms, to be worn during the Wildcats' Nov. 16 game against University of Michigan, saying the design was created to raise awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project, a nonprofit that helps army veterans.

Instead of names, jerseys will feature words like "courage" and "honor." But that's not the first thing some noticed.

Some critics became offended by the uniforms' splattered red coloring, which they say resembles blood. The website Deadspin was especially harsh and called the design "gore porn." Some people took to Twitter to show their confusion over the artistic choices of the design.

Other people commended the players for their sense of patriotism, though. Players will auction off their jerseys after the game, and all proceeds will go to the Wounded Warrior Project. The school will also donate 10 percent of the earnings from replica jerseys purchased on the university's website.

NU Director of Athletic Communications Paul Kennedy released a statement Tuesday saying the design featured a "pattern on both the stars and stripes that was inspired by the appearance of a flag that has flown proudly over a long period of time," and that the school remains proud and honored to be asked to participate.

Watch here for a full view of the unveiling of the new uniforms:

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