McDonald's Unveils Quarter Pounder-Scented Candles

Your home could smell like a McDonald's Quarter Pounder.

For the burger lover who has everything, McDonald's created Quarter Pounder-scented candles, coming soon to the chain's online merchandise store.

The set, being released in "limited quantities," includes six "custom scented candles in glass containers."

Inspired by Quarter Pounder ingredients, the scents include: Bun, Ketchup, Pickle, Cheese, Onion and 100% Fresh Beef.

"Burn together for maximum deliciousness," the online description reads.

Product details indicate the candles feature a soy wax blend, fine fragrance, essential oil and cotton wick with an approximate burn time of 25 hours.

Other items in the merch store include a sesame seed umbrella, couples Quarter Pounder mittens, fries socks, Happy Meal t-shirt and McDonald's hair ties.

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