Massive Rally, March Draws Thousands to Chicago's Union Park Saturday

A massive rally and march in Chicago’s Union Park drew thousands of people Saturday, shutting down streets as protesters marched for miles through the city.

The protest started at Union Park and made its way through the city to Seward Park, where it began to disperse Saturday afternoon.

“I just want to make our voices heard that are not heard normally,” Emily Johanson, who attended the rally, said.

Many protesters said they have been to several marches this week, and that the crowds are just continuing to get bigger.

“It just keeps getting bigger and bigger, which is something I like to see,” Odion Okoiron said.

After a rally full of speeches and emotional pleas for justice, protesters marched for miles through the city, working its way past the loop.

“I never could have imagined it, but I’m so grateful to see that so many people in our city care about the lives of black and brown people, care about what’s going on in our communities, and care about police brutality,” Kay Buzz, who organized the rally, said.

People lined up near the marchers to hand them food and water, and police officers escorted the crowd along the route, both on bike and on foot.

No arrests have been reported, with Chicago police saying that the estimated crowd of 20-to-30,000 people remaining peaceful.

Brittany Jackson, who participated in the march with her children, said the message of the group, coupled with non-violence, helps amplify the demands of protesters and keeps the focus on racial justice.

“I think we’re all looking for change, and I think this is what will do it,” she said.

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