Live From NY: Blago?

Steve Martin as boy governor

The late-night comics don't have Rod Blagojevich to kick around anymore.

Or do they?

Steve Martin is guest-hosting on Saturday Night Live tonight and it's hard to believe the cast won't use him to take one more crack at our now ex-governor. Some possibilities:

- Martin reprises his famous King Tut routine reworked to reflect the boy governor instead of the boy king.

- Tina Fey returns to take a star turn as Patti Blagojevich in a skit set in a women's prison where Patti has become a gang leader in control of the unit's cigarette-smuggling operation. She also sells real estate on the side.

- Martin reprises a scene from his movie Roxanne in which he's an Illinois governor with an embarrassing long nose.

- Jon Lovitz returns to the show to reprise his Pathological Liar routine. "I was only trying to help poor people and senior citizens and African Americans and working-class folk like my immigrant parents and the sick and the disabled and every cute puppy in Illinois that didn't have a home! Yeah, that's the ticket!"

- Martin opens the show in bushy black wig complaining about the unfairness of the process when the real Rod Blagojevich appears on stage; they engage in an "Are not! Am Too!" routine.

- Martin reprises John Belushi's role as a line cook at a greasy spoon/dive bar inspired by the Billy Goat Tavern as a spoof of Rod Blagojevich's next job. Martin as Blago will end up getting impeached by the bar staff and regulars. Kevin James was contacted to do a similar sketch based on his movie Mall Cop, but was too busy planning the King of Queens reunion show.

- Rod Blagojevich is portrayed living in a van down by the river.

- Robert Smigel creates a subsidiary to his X-Presidents cartoons called The X-Illinois Governors. Instead of finding themselves with superpowers like the ex-presidents, they ex-Illinois governors have lost their powers to do anything but trade prison jobs and cell assignments for cigarettes.

- Martin reprises a scene from his movie The Jerk because the SNL writers are too lazy to come up with anything better.

- Tom Hanks appears instead of Martin and reprises his role in Big with his character the governor of Illinois instead of a toy company executive. Hanks as Blago is discovered to actually be a 12-year-old boy who not only managed to get elected twice but also persuaded Geraldo Rivera (Andy Samberg) and Greta Van Susteren (Amy Poehler) that he was the bestest governor ever.

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