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Should Illinois Teachers Carry Guns? Depends On Who You Ask

NBC 5 asked school administrators, teachers unions, policy makers and a retired federal agent what they think about President Donald Trump's idea of putting guns in the hands of teachers.

Here's what they said.

An emphatic no from the Chicago Teachers Union vice president when asked about Trump’s solution to stop school shootings by arming teachers.

"It’s a horrible idea and you’d wind up with guns in the wrong hands,” Jesse Sharkey said.

Trump described his plan to a room full of governors Monday.

"Arming a small portion that are very gun adept that truly know how to handle it,” he said.

But gun experts--including retired Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms senior special agent Tom Ahern have concerns.

"Just from my experience, teachers are trained to teach and law enforcement officers are trained to be law enforcement officers," Ahern said. "I think there could be more security measures in place in the schools but arming the teachers I don’t see that as a real viable way for combating this."

Century School District 100 in Ullin, Illinois--south of Carbondale--is open to the idea of giving teachers guns.

The superintendent says it’s something they’re considering – writing on facebook: “There have been preliminary discussions with the district’s attorney to determine if arming staff is even a legal possibility," the superintendent wrote on Facebook. "The district’s stance is that we are willing to have any conversation, and at least consider any possibilities, as it relates to school safety.”

But the Illinois Education Association says it shouldn’t even be a consideration.

Representing more than 135,000 teachers outside of Chicago, the union president writes “arming our teachers is not the answer.”

Republican candidate for governor Jeanne Ives said over the weekend teachers should be able to carry if they want to--especially those with a military background or those carrying and practicing on a regular basis.

Gov. Bruce Rauner’s office says he supports armed school resource officers but not armed teachers.

The democratic candidates for governor are against arming teachers as well.

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