Drew: I Went to Jared

Drew Peterson: "You Can Never Go Wrong With Diamonds"

There's no denying it -- Drew Peterson loves the limelight.

Even though the former Bolingbrook police officer is suspected in his wife Stacy Peterson's disappearance -- and the two are still legally married -- he's adamant that he and girlfriend Christina Raines were, in fact, engaged.

On Monday, Raines told CBS' "Early Show" that there was no engagement -- it was all a stunt so Drew could get back in the news cycle. But Peterson went on the "Mancow and Cassidy” show on WLS-AM (890) Tuesday, apparently to bicker with Raines in public.

Peterson told Mancow the engagement was real, no matter what she says.

"A ring was given, that's no stunt," he said.

But Peterson did say he understood Raines' father's concern about the relationship, whatever it was. Peterson said he would "definitely not" want a child of his to be involved with a man who was tied up in a scandal like this.

Drew, player that he is, also gave some tips for how he woos women half his age. (Peterson is 55 and Raines is 24).

"You can never go wrong with diamonds," he said.

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