How to Outsource

In some circles, no matter how you spell it, "outsourcing" is a four-letter word. It isn't pretty and it isn't nice but sometimes it's the smart move to make in the short or long run.

Smallbiz1, a site aimed at marketing tools to entrepreneurs, recently tweeted about its expansive website section dispensing advice on this touchy subject.

If this is something you've been pondering, well, it's a handy resource -- and you don't have to sign up with them to get the advice. In fact, there isn't even much of a sales pitch over there, it's just unabashed information on contracting work out in HR, IT, medical billing, payroll and a bunch of other areas.

Much of the advice stresses how outsourcing frees up management to better manage, though perhaps most illuminating is this passage on HR outsourcing: 

Aside from saving a tremendous amount of time, which can then be used to generate a larger income for the organization, human resource outsourcing also brings better management to a business.  This is because it allows a company of any size to take on a “department” that is highly specialized in the field of human resources.  Instead of having the tasks completed by someone whose specialty lies elsewhere – simply because it needs to get done and that is the only person available for the job – a business can know that everything is being properly handled by HR experts.

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