Wife of Chicago Man in Middle of Russia Investigation Speaks Out

Simona Mangiante just married George Papadopoulos last week in Chicago’s City Hall--since he can’t travel to her native Italy while under investigation.

“It’s a very difficult moment because your life is on hold. You cannot do much.” she said in an interview with NBC 5 Tuesday. “I don’t think he ever lied to protect Trump.”

She’s defending her husband since he can’t talk to the media while cooperating with investigators after pleading guilty to lying to the FBI. Papadopoulos lied about when he met with a Russian professor in 2016 who said Russia had embarrassing emails about Hilary Clinton. That professor is now missing.

“To me it confirms the suspicions about him (the professor), he could definitely be a Russian asset, he could be a Russian spy,” Mangiante said.

The White House denies any wrongdoing by the Trump campaign.

"What Papodopoulos did was lie and that’s on him not on the campaign," a White House spokeswoman said in October. "And we can’t speak to that."

President Trump recently tweeted "WITCH HUNT."

“I think his presidency is weakened a lot already,” Mangiante said. “I’m sure that the prosecutor and the FBI have not invested so much time and money for hunting witches.”

She said she thinks people will look favorably on her husband once the investigation is over.

“I think they will say he was very young and was caught in something bigger than him,” she said.

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