Game 6 Ticket Prices Skyrocket for Blackhawks vs. Lightning

If fans want to be at the United Center on Monday as the Chicago Blackhawks look to clinch their third Stanley Cup championship in six seasons, they might want to be sitting down when they look at the price of tickets.

According to ticket aggregator service SeatGeek, the cheapest ticket to Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final as of Sunday afternoon was $975.

As of Monday, fans would have to pay at least $780 for a pair of tickets on Stubhub to get in the door of the game, which will represent a chance for the Blackhawks to clinch the championship on home ice for the first time since 1938. Tickets on the site go as high as $65,000 for a pair of standing room only tickets. 

For seats in the venue, tickets go up to $25,000 for two tickets along the glass. 

Vividseats said Monday that the "get-in price" for standing room only tickets was $676, and median ticket prices were $3,437. The lowest price for seats started at $1,090. 

On SeatGeek, the cheapest ticket that included a seat was just a shade over $1,500.

For those curious on what else they could buy with that kind of money, consider this: a season ticket in the bleachers at U.S. Cellular Field costs $933 for the season, and with a parking pass included, the total would barely eclipse the cost of a ticket to Game 6 at the United Center. 

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