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7th Grader Allegedly Assaulted by Custodian at Evanston School

Police are investigating the incident, and no arrests have been made

Evanston police are investigating a report that a seventh grade student was allegedly sexually assaulted by a custodian in the girl’s bathroom of a middle school, but an attorney for the girl’s family wants to know why the custodian has not been taken into custody.

According to the attorney, the girl identified the man in a police line-up, but while Evanston police say the investigation remains ongoing, no arrests have been made.

The girl’s parents say that their daughter was sexually assaulted by a custodian on Oct. 4 at Haven Middle School. The alleged incident occurred during school hours, according to the girl’s parents.

An attorney representing the family wrote a letter to school officials, along with the Evanston Police Department, detailing the allegations against the school employee, and that they want to see more action on the part of police.

Evanston police say they are investigating the incident.

“I’m completely empathetic with the concerns, but we need to maintain the integrity of this investigation thoroughly, and this does take time,” Evanston Police Commander Ryan Glew told the Chicago Tribune

In a letter sent to parents on Wednesday, district administrators said they were shocked and distressed to learn of the allegations, and the district says it immediately notified police and DCFS.

The district also says that the custodian was placed on leave and haven’t returned to school as the investigation continues.

The district also says it will continue to cooperate with police and DCFS in the investigation.

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