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Chicagoans Prepare for Subzero Wind Chills

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In preparation for below-zero wind chills, the city of Chicago activated warming centers and urged residents to be careful as temperatures continue to drop this weekend.

Some people who work and live in the city told NBC 5 Saturday evening that they are taking the dangerously cold weather very seriously.

“I have about four layers on, I got on my frog togs,” said University of Illinois at Chicago graduate student Lily Schreiner. “It keeps me really warm, safe from the snow, got my joggers on, got my snow boots.”

The UIC graduate student and others alike are bracing for the artic blast.

“Maybe tonight, but right now we feel the fingers,” said George, who works valet for a restaurant in Greektown. “The fingers still okay it’s not that cold.”

According to the National Weather Service, a wind chill advisory will go into effect at midnight, warning of wind chills of up to 30 degrees below zero.

“I think everyone needs to keep an eye on the elderly, people with other problems can have problems with circulation, some medications may impede blood flow a little bit,” said Dr. Trevor Lewis with Cook County Health.

Doctors also warn the extreme cold can led to frostbite in just minutes if you're not protected.

NBC 5’s Storm Team Meteorologist Pete Sack breaks down your Saturday night forecast.

Outreach groups have been trying to reach the homeless population across the city. The Night Ministry will be out again Sunday morning doing wellness check, offering winter clothing and other supplies.

“We’re out there for a few minutes at a time you know how cold it is,” said Night Ministry Senior Nurse Practitioner Stephan Koruba. “You know how it affects you, just imagine trying to spend all night out there.”

As the artic air moves through Chicago, Shuronda Turner told NBC 5 she is worried about her 85-year-old grandmother, who has been without heat for a week.

“She’s a two time cancer survivor and she’s diabetic and she has high blood pressure so this is not a condition that she can stay in,” Turner said.

Her grandmother lives at the Senior Suites in the Gage Park neighborhood. Turner said maintenance have been out several times to fix the heat. As of Saturday night, the heat was working, and Turned hoped it will stay on.

“I called, my sister, my brother called,” she said. “We are very concerned about our grandmother and making sure things are done correctly.”

Turner said she is going to stay with her grandmother for the night, and if the heat goes out again they will get a hotel.

NBC 5 reached out multiple times to Senior Suites for a comment, but hadn't heard back as of Saturday night.

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