New Yorkers Are Saucy About Chicago's New Pizza Museum

For some New Yorkers, the decision to bring the pizza museum to Chicago cuts deep

New Yorkers are getting saucy about Chicago's new pizza museum. 

The decision to open the museum in Chicago instead of New York cuts deep for the East Coast city that prides itself on thin crust. But for those in Chicago, the move was never in question.  

The Second City is number one for zas. 

The U.S. Pizza Museum is expected to open in the South Loop neighborhood Friday. 

The museum was created in 2015 but has mostly existed online and in pop-up exhibits.

Museum founder Kendall Bruns said the museum isn't leaving out New York-style pizza.

"The U.S. Pizza Museum celebrates pizza throughout the entire United States with a spotlight on Chicago, because of Chicago's richrole in the world of pizza," he said. 

He noted the new space will be 3,000 square feet and allow him to tell the full story of pizza and its U.S. makers. 

Made in Chicago

Among the items in the collection are pizza-themed clothing, menus, records and toys. Admission is free but timed tickets are required.

The museum isn't a restaurant, but pizza will be available at nearby pizzerias and food trucks.

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