Cat Nobody Wanted Finds Forever Home

After two years in animal shelter, Shatze found a loving home during Clear the Shelters

As a cat who prefers being pet with feet rather than with hands, its no wonder Shatze’s unique personality shined during NBC's Clear the Shelter pet adoption event last August and led her to her forever home.

“My feet were dangling on the bed and she rubbed against my feet and she loved it,” Shatze’s adopter Ellen Rohde said. “I never heard her purr until then.”

But Shatze’s road to adoption wasn't so easy.

Previously known as Little Miss Solid Gold, Shatze spent two years at Tree House Humane Society in Chicago before her adoption. She was timid and the commotion of shelter life became a challenge for her, unfortunately making potential adopters hesitant to get to know her well.

But Rohde had no hesitation that Shatze was the one for her.

“I wanted a cat that nobody else wanted,” she said. “She doesn’t like to be touched [and] I wanted a cat I could show some love to.”

Shatze has proven her love through constant affectionate kitty kisses, Rohde said. While she is not one to trust easily, Rohde said since the adoption Shatze has become more comfortable with Rohde and trusts her more.

“That’s very rewarding when you have a cat that has been abused or doesn’t trust you and suddenly you can see them warming up to you.”

Most animals that come from shelters are typically shy and unsure of their new homes, but Shatze had no problem acclimating herself to her lovely abode.

“She just stomped around the place like she owned it,” Rohde said.

Along with Shatze’s unique personality, she loves to watch Johnny Carson. As soon as it comes on, Rohde said Shatze is right there watching.

Shatze, meaning “dear one” in German, is hoping to live up to that persona and continue being the sweet girl she is. 

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