Buffalo Grove Girl, 12, Plans Pride Parade for Suburb

Buffalo Grove does not have an official LBGT community — nor does it have an annual Pride parade.

But a 12-year-old girl is well on her way to making it happen on June 2, 2019.

Molly Pinta fully embraced her rainbow-dyed hair when she fully embraced herself.

“But I said OK, now that I’m fully out I’m just gonna do the whole thing,” she told NBC 5 in an interview Monday.

It was the Aurora Pride Parade last month that inspired her to share her feelings with the world and start a pride celebration in her hometown of Buffalo Grove.

Molly hasn’t worked out all the details but she’s well on her way. She’s already raised thousands of dollars on a GoFundMe page.

“We’re hoping to have some performances and speeches, kind of like a rally,” she said.

Her parents are behind her all the way — even helping her start a Gay-Straight Alliance at her middle school.

"I want this to be normal," Molly mother, Carolyn Pinata, said. "It is so important for these kids to be recognized and loved and they shouldn’t have to come out. They should just be who they are."

Molly also has the blessing from Buffalo Grove leaders.

"I would support it absolutely," said Beverly Sussman, Buffalo Grove's village president, said. "I think we learned a little lesson from her - to accept each other and respect each other."

Molly hopes sharing her story — and passion — will encourage others who may not be quite as outspoken.

“It was just kind of annoying having to hide it and not be proud and open and being out I was hoping I could give a voice to other children my age that are queer and in the closet," she said.

Molly and her mom are meeting with Buffalo Grove police to work out a parade route.

They hope their work will inspire other people to start their own pride parades in their communities.

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