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Valentine's Day gifts from our pols

Illinois politicians have hearts too, even if they're buried beneath loads of campaign cash and smell like cigar smoke.

Here's what we think -- and in some cases hope -- our favorite elected officials will be giving their sweeties for Valentine's Day.

Rod Blagojevich to Patti: Whatever it takes to keep her mouth shut.

Richard M. Daley to Maggie: A new TIF zone wrapped in a bow.

Pat Quinn to . . . :  If Illinois has a new First Lady, we haven't heard about it. Instead, he promises Illinoisans that he won't break the law as a gift to himself like every other Illinois governor has.

Roland Burris to Roland Burris: A box of chocolates and a new mausoleum befitting the junior senator from Illinois.

Dick Durbin to Harry Reid: Unqualified support even if it does cost him re-election in six years.

Barack Obama to Michelle: A stimulus bill she can believe in.

MIchael Madigan to his daughter Lisa: An ethics bill and a shiv in Pat Quinn's back.

Todd Stroger to Cook County: A desire to step down and spend more time with his family.

The Chicago City Council to Mayor Daley: A kingly feast followed by a long spa visit and an evening of doting.

Patti Blagojevich to Rod: A plea deal for the both of them.

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