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Fresh out the oven: These are the best chocolate chip cookies in Illinois, Yelp says

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day is Friday, Aug. 4

There's just something about a classic chocolate chip cookie.

Warm and gooey or crispy and crumbly, chocolate chip cookies come in all shapes and sizes, with some bakers and pastry chefs adding their own spin when they make the traditional treat.

Luckily, the dessert (or snack) has an entire day dedicated to it, in the form of National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, coming up Friday.

Just in time to observe the holiday, Yelp has released a list of its "Top 100 Chocolate Chip Cookies to Dip Your Milk Into" -- and fair warning, cookie lovers: it will make you hungry.

According to the list, Yelp editors "searched all through the US to find the best spots to chow down on a chocolate chip cookie." To organize the rankings, the site "identified businesses in the food and restaurant categories of Yelp with a large concentration of reviews mentioning 'chocolate chip cookie.'" The site then ranked those spots using several factors, "including the total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning 'chocolate chip cookie,'" the methodology says.

The results are just about as delicious as it gets.

While the No. 1 chocolate chip cookie can be found at Zenaida's Café in Las Vegas, Nevada, the list says, cookies at three Chicago spots also made the list.

Coming in at No. 27 was the cookie at 3 Arts Club Café, inside RH Chicago. Further down on the list, at No. 61, was the chocolate chip cookie at Summer House Santa Monica, located in Lincoln Park. And the 71st best chocolate chip cookie can be found at Defloured, a gluten-free bakery in Andersonville.

No. 4 on the list -- Levian Bakery in New York City -- gave Chicago an honorable mention, as the shop's West Loop location opened last year.

Unfortunately, the Midwest overall didn't have a strong showing on the ranking, with only six other spots in the region scoring a place in the top 100. High on the list, at No. 13, was Blackbird Baking Company in Lakewood, Ohio. In Madison, Wisconsin, Casetta Kitchen and Counter squeaked onto the list at No. 97.

You can view Yelp's full list of 100 here.

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