Ann Coulter Criticizes Rauner With Slur After Fox News Interview

A tweet from conservative commentator Ann Coulter’s Twitter account called the governor of Illinois “retarded” Friday and criticized his responses to questions asked on Fox News’ Special Report with Bret Baier.

During the interview, which ranged from questions on immigration policy to Illinois’ enduring budget crisis and efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare, Gov. Bruce Rauner often responded that the system was “broken” and reform was needed.

“His answer to every Q is, ‘our system is broken.’ Fascinating!” the tweet from Coulter’s verified account said in part. Coulter has 1.64 million followers.

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Baier asked Rauner about Chicago’s recent lawsuit against the Department of Justice in response to threats to cut federal funding over the city's status as a sanctuary city.

“Who are you with on this one, President Trump or Mayor Emanuel?” Baier asked.

“I personally feel like we’ve got to have a system of immigration that works, our system is broken, we need fundamental, dramatic immigration reform,” Rauner said.

Asked by Baier why Chicago shouldn’t follow federal law, Rauner replied “the system is broken.”

Pressing for a more definitive answer from the Republican governor, Baier asks if Rauner agrees or disagrees with Trump that sanctuary cities are a problem.

“Well, I tell you this, what I say is, immigration in America is broken,” Rauner responded. “We make illegal immigration easy and we make legal immigration almost impossible. We need dramatic immigration reform.”

When the conversation shifts to Illinois enduring budget crisis, Rauner again says Illinois a “broken system.”

Asked if he would be running for re-election, Rauner said through laughter he had no formal announcement yet.

In an endorsement of a campaign aimed at eliminating the very slur Coulter used against Rauner, the Anti-Defamation League condemed such language.

"When they are used to denigrate any group of people, including people with intellectual disabilities, people and institutions have the responsibility to communicate that such behavior is unacceptable," the advocacy group said.

Rauner's appearance on Special Report was his first national interview, Baier said.

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