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Music Club Fundraisers Sell Poo. Literally.

Alpaca manure great fertilizer



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    Nine out of 10 times, the products sold by school fund-raisers are just cheap crap.

    One school decided to dispense with the pretense and sell the real deal.

    A St. Charles music booster club is selling "Paca Poo."

    “Paca poo” to be exact or as it’s technically known, Alpaca manure.  Gardening season is just around the corner and Booster club secretary Gudrun Dorgan says Alpaca manure is grade-A stuff for the garden.  

    “It comes in little pellets and it’s easy to work into the ground.  It’s a great fertilizer,” he said. 

    This Saturday at Inspiration Farm Alpacas in St. Charles, fundraising parents, students and teachers from Central Community Unit School District 301 will be up to their elbows in it. The alpacas will poop and the music kids and parents will scoop – then sell 30-pound bags for $10.

    Veteran poo peddler and farm owner Jeff Koehl has been raising alpacas for four years.  He says Alpaca’s are great poo making machines, they digest their food efficiently, the manure isn't  too smelly and doesn’t require a long composting time.

    The fundraiser starts at 9 a.m. at Inspiration Farm Alpacas on Glenview Drive.  All the proceeds will go toward vocal and music programs throughout the St. Charles school district. 

    Gardeners don’t waste time and go get your poo.