The X-Rated Spelling Bee

Spelling bee features naughty words

Spring is finally in the air, and you know that means. Folks start coming out of hibernation, they're wearing less clothes, and start feeling a little randier. They don't call it spring fever for nothing.

An upcoming event may be just what you need to get in the mood for love -- or something else. Local naughty Web site is throwing an X-Rated Spelling Bee at the Empty Bottle (1035 N Western Ave.)on May 13.

Participants will be challenged on their x-rated spelling ability with words pertaining to anatomy, sensual expressions, bedroom behavior and sexy slang.

The winner gets a "toy" basket valued at $150 from Early to Bed, or two tickets to a Royal George Theatre performance.

There's also live music performances from Chicago all-girl band The Alright Alreadies, punk rockers The Scissors and the indie group AMFM.

And don't forget about the free schwag. Attendees can pick up condoms, buttons and stickers.

If you want to participate, make sure you get there by 6 p.m., because registration is limited.

It's guaranteed to be S-E-X-Y F-U-N.

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