Merry Christmas! See You in Court

Divorce Courts Flooded With Holiday Disputes

A high number of couples streaming into court this time of year with holiday vacation and visitation issues leaves many divorce court judges saying bah humbug!

"He had Thanksgiving last year! The kids always spend Christmas Eve with my family! I booked the trip to Disney World six months ago."

Emotions run high this time of year, and nowhere is it more evident than in divorce court as angry couples try to "reasonably" divide holiday time with their children and extended family members.

Unfortunately, the courts are not really equipped to handle all these problems, as everyone wants to get to the front of the line to tell their side of the story to the judge.

Most good divorce lawyers try to work these holiday problems out without running to court with "emergency" filings, but in many cases, the parties are completely at odds and refuse to come to an agreement.

As one judge recently told me, "I'd like to hang a sign outside my courtroom door saying "CLOSED FOR THE HOLIDAYS."

Or as the title of the new holiday movie opening this weekend suggests, it might take "Four Christmases" to satisfy everyone.

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