Is Cirque du Soleil Eying Chicago?

New show, "Vaudeville," likely to be based at Chicago Theatre

Local Cirque du Soleil fans will be pleased to know that a new show -- that will be rehearsed and start in Chicago -- appears to be in the works.

The show, "Vaudeville," will most likely be based at the Chicago Theatre and will be a "90-minute hybrid of a Cirque circus-style show and a more traditional musical-theater production," according to the Chicago Tribune's Theater Loop blog.

Rehearsals could begin as soon as this fall, followed by a November opening.

A Cirque dul Soleil public relations representative,  Renee-Claude Menard, would not confirm whether a Chicago production was in the works.

"Cirque du Soleil is currently working on six new shows in different phases of productions. One of these shows is inspired by Vaudeville in genre and is directed by David Shiner," Menard told via email.  

Shiner directed "Kooza," a popular Cirque du Soleil production.

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