Daleys All Grouchy About McCain Attack Ad

Mayor Daley lashed out at John McCain's ad connecting Barack Obama to Chicago's legendary political machine. "People get desperate in their political life," Mayor Daley said about the ad. "My theory about politics and government: You build yourself up. You don’t have to tear people down." He also defended his brother, former Commerce Secretary Bill Daley. "First of all, my brother is not a lobbyist. He’s not a lobbyist. He’s not a lobbyist. He’s never been a lobbyist." (Actually, he was - pushing NAFTA for Bill Clinton, and lobbying for SBC in 2003.)

Mayor Daley was so irate, he even dug back into McCain's past to cite the Keating Five. "You had the Keating Five. We had the biggest scandal in America called savings and loan. The biggest scandal. People lost their homes because of greed.... So, if people start throwing dirt and mud, remember it comes back and hits you right in the face," the mayor said. Which gives us a great excuse to show this video of cranky protesters at a McCain rally in Ohio.

Bill Daley also spoke out on the ad, saying he should have been left off the list of corrupt Chicago politicans. ''I am part of the Evil Empire? It's not the John McCain that people respected for so many years in Washington," Daley said.

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