Banding Together to Support Iraqi Rockers


Americans for Informed Democracy (AID) will host a concert in Evanston Saturday night that benefits Acrassicauda, an Iraqi heavy metal band currently living in Turkey. This concert will crown the organization’s conference that day, which will advocate communication and understanding between Muslim and non-Muslim youth leading to a more harmonious vision of U.S.-Muslim relations. AID coordinates events such as these particularly near the anniversary of September 11th as an attempt to break down walls between the Muslim and the western world and hopefully curb hostility.

Saturday’s show features Islamic punk band Al-Thawra, as well as Indianapolis-based band Native to add some youthful thrash flavor. They will play to raise funds in support Acrassocauda so that they may continue their work in Turkey, promoting the creative spirit in war torn society. “This is an opportunity to demonstrate to the world that creativity spawns communities” said Arya Zarrinkelk, AID’s arts coordinator. “No matter where you live there exists the opportunity to connect with a person from another walk of life.”

Surprisingly there is no charge to attend. They simply ask for a donation.

Northwestern University, 1881 Sheridan Road, Harris Room 107, Evanston, Saturday Oct. 4, 5:30 – 7 p.m.

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