How Christina Aguilera feels about Britney Spears' upcoming memoir

Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears have a long history together, with both starring on the "Mickey Mouse Club" revival in the early '90s

Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears

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Come on over, baby and see Christina Aguilera's reaction to Britney Spears' memoir.

During the Oct. 17 episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!," the "Genie in the Bottle" singer was asked if she thinks she'll be in the "Piece of Me" artist's upcoming book "The Woman in Me."

"Dude, I don't know," Aguilera told host Jimmy Kimmel. "I don't know."

But does she hope to be in it?

"I don't know," the Grammy winner continued. "Am I hoping? I mean, I'm hoping that, you know, everything is all good with her and everything's beautiful. I think the future should be celebrated."

Still, Kimmel didn't stop there. After asking whether Aguilera would prefer to be included in the book or left out, the late-night host joked he'd rather be featured in it if given the chance.

"Let's put it this way," Aguilera replied. "I'd rather it be you than me. So hopefully you'll be in it. You'll make the book."

Britney Spears Through the Years

Aguilera and Spears do have a long history together, with both starring on the "Mickey Mouse Club" revival in the early '90s before being catapulted into superstardom by the end of the decade and continuing to dominate the pop music scene in the aughts. However, the two were often pitted against each other.

"When I was coming up, it was very obvious you know?" she told Kimmel in 2018. "Me and Britney were definitely — there was a Britney-Christina considered rivalry thing."

Indeed, Aguilera felt like they were treated differently in the press, especially after the release of her 2002 hit "Dirrty."

"It's hard to hear yourself being called names," she recalled to Cosmopolitan in 2018. "I remember being hurt by these commercials on MTV, pitting Britney as the good girl and me as the bad girl. It's like, if I'm going to be demure and innocent, that's okay. But if I'm going to just be myself, I'm trouble."

And while Aguilera and Spears did occasionally take the stage together — including at the 2003 MTV MVAs with Madonna — their comments about each other in interviews fueled feud rumors.

However, Aguilera expressed her support for Spears following the "Gimme More" star's testimony during her 2021 conservatorship hearing. And after the 13-year conservatorship was terminated, Aguilera noted on "The Enrique Santos Show" that she has "so much respect and admiration" for Spears and that she "couldn't be happier for her."

"The Woman in Me" is set to be released Oct. 24 — with Michelle Williams providing the narration for the audiobook.

pears and Asghari got married at her Los Angeles home last summer.

"The Woman in Me reveals for the first time her incredible journey — and the strength at the core of one of the greatest performers in pop music history," a press release for the book read. "With remarkable candor and humor, Spears's groundbreaking memoir illuminates the enduring power of music and love — and the importance of a woman telling her own story, on her own terms."

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