Photos: Cubs Sport Short Shorts on South Beach Sojourn

The Chicago Cubs are always on the cutting edge when it comes to goofy clubhouse gimmicks and road trip ideas, and they’re at it again as they prepare to invade South Beach this weekend.

For their trip to Florida, manager Joe Maddon declared that the theme would be “Who Wears Short Shorts?”, an homage to first baseman Anthony Rizzo’s penchant for baring some thigh when he goes out on adventures.

As the team departed from Wrigley Field, everyone from Kris Bryant to David Ross to Maddon himself got in on the action.

As an added bonus rule, any player that wore flip-flops had to sport painted toenails, per Maddon’s orders, and guys like Ross and Travis Wood ended up adhering to the dictum.

As for which player wore it best, there are several worthy nominees, including Jake Arrieta’s sleeveless blazer ensemble, Ross’ palm tree shorts, and Javier Baez’s leopard-skin vest. 

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