Kyle Orton Limited in Bears Practice

Kyle Orton was limited in practice today with the Bears, but able to do more than he did last week.  Offensive coordinator Ron Turner said Orton was able to drop back for passes, on his sprained ankle, but wouldn't put a percentage on the number of snaps he took.  "They both took some" was all Turner would let on about his quarterbacks.  Rex Grossman is preparing to start, so too, is Kyle Orton, with a decision likely not being made until kickoff in Green Bay.  "This is what you play for, Division rival, Green Bay, we're in first place, this is huge"  said Orton, who despite an eight game personal win streak his rookie season with the Bears, was held out of starting week 15 on Christmas Day.  The Bears started Grossman back then to see if he was ready for the post season. Grossman is 3-0 at Lambeau Field and would like the chance to up his record.  "I'm feeling pretty good about playing there, got good vibes going into that stadium, hopefully I'll be able to play" said Grossman.  Will the Bears protect their quarterback's health and hold him out if he isn't 100 percent?  "100 percent?  That's pretty strong.  Who's 100% this time of year?"  the coach asked adding, "If he continues to make progress like he has, I think he'll be ready to go". 

Their final decision may be covert, but a bit of levity was added to the situation when Kyle Orton was asked if Bret Favre telephoned him convincing him to play?  "No" deadpanned the usually mild mannered Orton, who then cracked a smile and let out a little laugh. 

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