DePaul Can Rise Again

The Blue Demons need to look to their opponents to see how it's done.

DePaul men's basketball is getting close to hitting rock bottom. They are in the midst of a 12-game losing streak, and all 12 losses are to Big East conference opponents. One more loss, and they'll break a record from the Joey Meyer era. They haven't won once in 2009, with their last win coming on Dec. 28, 2008 against Alcorn State. What has happened to the once-proud basketball school that Ray Meyer presided over?

For one, the move to the Big East has been, thus far, a disaster. The 12-game losing streak is not the only evidence of that, as the team went 6-12 last year in conference play. Playing Connecticut and Georgetown regularly isn't easy for any team, much less one that is in rebuilding mode. Losing at least 24 games to conference opponents in two seasons doesn't help a team with recruiting or fundraising, two things crucial to any team's success.

This season can't be saved. They are too deep in the hole to have a hope at making a run for any title this season, but that doesn't mean all hope is lost. DePaul does face the predicament of being an urban school without an arena on campus, but it's the same dilemma faced by Georgetown. Marquette, like DePaul, is a Catholic school with strong ties to Chicago. Why is Marquette capable of more success than the Blue Demons?

If DePaul is going to stay in the Big East, and there are no indications that they will leave, they need to rip a page out of both Georgetown and Marquette's handbook. First, they need to keep Chicago talent in Chicago. One of their best players is Quentin Richardson from the Knicks, who went to Whitney Young High School. Right now, they only have three players from the Chicagoland. Marquette has as many Chicago players than DePaul. They also need to not be afraid to make changes in the way they play, like John Thompson III has done at Georgetown.

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