Key Matchups: Bears vs. Vikings

These matchups will determine the game this Sunday. Can the Bears win the player battles?

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Quarterbacks | Advantage = Vikings
It's no sure bet that Jay Cutler will start on Sunday, but if he does come back from a concussion he will have a slight edge on Christian Ponder ... as long as the Bears offensive line keeps him upright.
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Advantage | Adrian Peterson
nAdrian Peterson is fully recovered from an ACL injury, and has been a force on the Vikings. The Bears Matt Forte has been a disappointment over the past few games.
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Advantage | Jared Allen
nThe embattled Bears' O-line is going to have their hands full with Allen, who, up until last week when the O-Line allowed 5.5 sacks to Aldon Smith, held the record for sacks against the Bears.
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Advantage | Percy Harvin
nHester is not a good receiver. Harvin is. The end.
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Advantage | Lovie Smith
nLeslie Frazier has done an admirable job of steering a rebuilding team to a winning record. Lovie Smith has done a fair job of guiding his talented team to a winning record.
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