Chicago Man Beat Girlfriend After Mistaken Release From Jail: Police

Police said Steven Derkits attacked the same woman who filed charges against him in July

A Chicago man arrested in July for beating his girlfriend attacked her again this week after he was mistakenly released from Cook County Jail, authorities said.

Steven Derkits, 30, of the 4400 block of South Talman Avenue, was taken back into custody Tuesday after police realized their mistake when Derkits failed to show up for a court date.

Cook County Sheriff's Department spokesman Ben Breit said police arrested him less than three hours later.

Derkits was previously arrested on July 9 for alleged domestic battery and aggravated battery to a peace officer among other charges. Five of the six charges were dropped, Breit said, except for battery to the police officer.

Breit said the mistake likely was human error, pointing to sheriff's office staff overlooking the remaining charge.

Derkits is now accused of attacking the woman who filed charges against him in July. He was being held at Sheriff's Police headquarters in Maywood Wednesday before being transferred back to the jail.

Breit said the department is looking into taking disciplinary actions against those involved in the mistaken release.

In a statement, the sheriff's office said the incident points to a larger, systemic problem in an overcrowded jail where more than 1,200 inmates are transported daily from their cells to court hearings.

"Working with more than a thousand paper files each day invites mistakes that can have serious consequences for public safety. There is no excuse for this antiquated system to continue in an electronic age."

Derkits' release marked the second time this year an inmate was mistakenly discharged.

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