Glastonbury Classmates Take Same Photo for 13 Years

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Kaida Scaglia
Kaida Scaglia has taken photos of the friends for each school milestone, from kindergarten to high school. This is the high school graduation from Glastonbury High School and East Catholic High School. Back row, from left to right: Emma DiLauro, Audrey Watkins, George Hagi, Matt Walden, Griffin Scaglia, Isabella Araujo, Olivia Varga, Cara Tsui. Front row, from left to right: Jacqueline Flock, Cameron Rohan, Kristin Hebert, Audrey Lechner, Mike Strange
Kaida Scaglia
This is the same group when they started kindergarten. They're pictured here at a party on their first day of kindergarten in 2004.
Kaida Scaglia
Here they are at their Nayaug Elementary School 5th grade graduation in 2010. The kids have held the same yellow sign in all four photos, adding the current month and year to the bottom of each. Not all the children appear in each photo, but they are positioned the same way in each of them.
Kaida Scaglia
The kids are pictured here at their 8th grade Smith Middle School graduation in 2013.
Kaida Scaglia
And the latest photo is from their 2017 high school graduation. Twelve of the kids are Glastonbury High School graduates and one is an East Catholic High School graduate.
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