You, Too, Can Pay2Play

Chicago native creates Blago-inspired video game

A Chicago native who just couldn't get enough of Illinois politics from his current home in Vancouver has figured out a way to keep his hand on the pulse with the development of a new video game, "Pay2Play."

The Rod Blagojevich-inspired game is modeled after an older drug-dealing strategy game called DopeWars.

"Growing up in Chicago and living in Mexico for a bit gave me all the ammo I had needed," the game's author, Juan "J" Rubio, told the Chicago Tribune. "Now anyone can buy and sell Senate seats without having to worry about going to jail."

In Pay2Play, users begin the game as a governor deep in debt, facing an impeachment hearing just 30 days away. Players must gather as much cash as they can by participating in shady political dealings like buying and selling Senate seats.

Rubio, 32, said he will keep the game up-to-date with the latest corruption-related news as it comes down.

Rubio, who grew up on Chicago's North Side and graduated from Lane Tech High School, works as a visual effects artist for film.  He worked on the Matrix sequel and his most recent project, the Warner Brothers release "Watchmen," is due to be released next week.

Pay2Play sells for $1.99.

Want to guess what the next generation will be?

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