Whodunit? Stanley Cup Stolen in New Ad Campaign

NBC personalities like David Gregory and Jim Cramer weigh in on the theft in the new spot

It’s a hockey fan’s ultimate nightmare. The Stanley Cup, the venerable chalice that has been handed to the NHL champions for as long as any living hockey fan can remember, has been stolen, and there are precious few clues as to its whereabouts.

Don't worry, Hawks fans, it's just a marketing campaign launched to promote the Stanley Cup Final.

In the new video, NBC personalities David Gregory, Kayla Tausche, Jim Cramer and Jeremy Roenick weigh in on the theft, and there are even a couple of Chicago Blackhawks fans who express their anger about the situation:

The video not only focuses on the theft of the trophy, but also on its colorful history. There are mentions of the Cup being punted into a canal, being left on the side of the road, and having a baby christened inside its bowl. All of those things actually happened, and there are a lot of other stories that the producers of the spot obviously couldn’t share with the general NHL public.

For now though, the question remains: Who stole the Stanley Cup? Was it Chris Pronger, who is also suspected of stealing the puck that Patrick Kane used to score the game winning goal of the 2010 Stanley Cup Final? Was it NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, who is still vilified for “stealing” franchises from Quebec City and Atlanta? Was it Blackhawks forward Patrick Sharp, whose penchant for pranks has earned him the adoration of Hawks fans and even endorsement deals from the Illinois Lottery?

Only time will tell, but if you feel like weighing in on the whodunit, you can tweet using the hashtag #cupnappers.

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