Surveillance Cameras Capture Brazen Robbery

Two men robbed a pizzeria on Chicago's west side early Friday morning

Two men robbed a pizzeria on Chicago's west side early Friday morning, and the whole ordeal was recorded by a new surveillance system installed just a day earlier.

It was just after 5 a.m. when the two men walked into the Village Pizzeria, at 2356 W. Chicago Ave., said John Gagliarpi Jr., the shop owner's son.

The men took control of the place as Gagliarpi Sr. was completing their order and putting slices of sausage pizza in bags. One of them pulled a handgun while the other walked behind the counter.

When the man with the gun went for the register, Gagliarpi Sr. quickly closed the drawer and was punched, the video shows. The second man confronted two other women behind the counter, who Gagliarpi Jr. identified as his mother and sister.

Gagliarpi Sr. was punched two more times, the video shows.

Eventually, the robbers got into the cash register and grabbed cash. The robber with the gun can be seen in the video smiling back at Gagliarpi Sr. as cash fell to the floor.

"To me, it's just terrible. My dad's got a good heart. He's always treated people with respect. For them to do this to him is no class," said Gagliarpi Jr.

The robbers are black men wearing dark clothing. One of them had his hair in braids.

Gagliarpi Jr. said the incident was the second robbery at the shop in the 15 years they've been in business.

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