Vernon Hills Hires Trapper To Manage Skunk Population

Decision comes in response to an increase in skunks around the village

Skunks in Vernon Hills are stinking things up more than usual this year, and the village is taking action.

In partnership with the Vernon Hills Park District, community officials hired a trapper to decrease the especially large skunk population. The traps will be placed only on public property and will not harm pets and other non-targeted animals.

The decision to hire a trapper came after the village and park districts received numerous complaints about skunks, The Daily Herald reported. The nocturnal critters have been roaming around during the day, and residents have been sprayed.

Village Manager Mike Allison told The Daily Herald that while the village isn't trying to completely remove the skunk population, it needs to be contained.

Officials noted it's illegal for Vernon Hills residents to trap skunks without a license. However, they are welcome to hire a trapper for their own property since the village-wide traps will be limited to public areas.

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