The Secret Travels of Mayor Daley

Costs a mystery; locales aren't

Mayor Richard M. Daley continues to travel the world at what the Sun-Times describes today as a "frenetic pace" - perhaps explaining why he apparently knows nothing about how people get hired into his administration.

According to the Sun-TImes, Daley took 46 trips over the last 27 months.

"Seven of the trips were fully or partially bankrolled by the Daley campaign fund, seven by the Chicago 2016 Olympic organizing committee, four by the Sister Cities program, three by World Business Chicago and two by the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce."

Taxpayers footed the bill for the other 19 trips.

And how much did it cost us? It's a secret!

"City Hall has said it does not maintain records of trips not funded by the city and that it would take too long to compile bills from taxpayer-funded trips," the S-T reports.

And just where did the mayor travel to? 

Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Italy (four times), Turkey, Monaco, Switzerland (bank accounts!), France, Ireland, Beijing, Spain, Key West (!), Kona, San Diego, Miami (three times), Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver (twice), Portland, Toronto (twice), New York, Trenton, and Washington, D.C. (16 times).

Hey, nobody said the all-important job of "promoting" Chicago was easy.

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