The Non-Endorsement Endorsement

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When is a non-endorsement an endorsement? Let’s allow the spin doctors working for 8th District congressional candidate Raja Krishnamoorthi to explain.

On Tuesday, the national AFL-CIO announced it would not endorse in the Democratic primary between Krishnamoorthi and Tammy Duckworth. Afterwards, Krishnamoorthi’s campaign claimed this as a victory. Duckworth, a protégé of Sen. Dick Durbin, supposedly has the support of the Washington Democratic establishment, while Krishnamoorthi has been endorsed by a long list of local officials.

“The AFL-CIO decision to remain neutral was a huge victory for our campaign and our supporters,” said campaign spokesman Mike Murray.   

There was a strong, coordinated effort from the D.C. establishment to force local unions to endorse Washington’s favored candidate, Tammy Duckworth. Local unions, however, disregarded the wishes of party insiders in Washington and opted to let the voters of the 8th district pick their own Representative.

“The AFL-CIO vote is a clear indication that Raja’s message is resonating with working families in the district,” added Murray. “The everyday voter is just starting to realize what local leaders and activists have known for a while -- Raja is the best candidate for working families because Raja’s economic experience gives him the credibility needed to fight for middle class prosperity and Raja has detailed plan to provide real economic solutions for the working families.”

According to Capitol Fax, “the Krishnamoorthi folks are portraying this endorsement fight as a national vs. local contest, and are basically saying that their local supporters were able to keep DC labor leaders from handing the nod to Duckworth.”

If Planned Parenthood, the National Rifle Association, the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons or the Tobacco Institute fail to make an endorsement in this race … Ward Room will let you know which candidate they were really endorsing.

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