Blago Puts His Stamp on Business

Novelty industry scores another hit

From memorial coins and dishes to all manner of t-shirts, coffee mugs, keychains and onesies, the Obama campaign - and now the transition - has been very good to the novelties business. Now, the various tentacles of the Rod Blagojevich saga are proving a rich resource, from late-night comics to cooks. Maybe the novelty industry is one way out of our economic disaster. To wit, Fox NewsChicagoreports that a rubber stamp company is now churning out new products that include:

  • BRIBE APPROVED. You don't have to get your fingerprints on the paperwork, a company spokesperson explains.
  • PAY TO PLAY. Helpfully includes an "Amount Due" line underneath.
  • THIS IS A ****IN VALUABLE THING. You can just stamp it on key paperwork instead of saying it out loud and getting caught on wiretaps.
  • UNIMPEACHABLE. Usable in any state, a spokesperson helpfully offered.
  • INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. But not immune from ridicule.

"Our bribery rubber stamps are not just an amusing novelty," RubberStamps.Net President Scott Lee said in a press release. "These stamps fill a real need in the marketplace for politicians, lobbyists, and financial institutions involved in white collar crime."

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