Sue the T. Rex Moving to New Digs at Field Museum

Sue--the Tyrannosaurus rex fossil in Stanley Field Hall at the Field Museum--is saying goodbye--for now.

Piece by piece, more than 200 elements will be painstakingly moved--starting with the feet, said exhibitions registration assistant Lisa Geiger.

It will take a month for Sue to be removed--which has stood in its spot greeting visitors at the museum for more than a decade.

"It's a bit sad to see Sue go, considering that it's such an iconic fossil," said Kevin Siever, a visitor at the museum Monday.

Sue's posture will be adjusted and then rebuilt in her own exhibit, the museum said.

Going in her spot? A Patagotitan fossil--the biggest dinosaur ever discovered, Bill Simpson, head of geological collections said.

"Sue is about 40 feet long," he said. "Patagotitan is 122 feet long."

And because it will be a cast of the dinosaur, you'll actually be able to touch it, unlike Sue who was guarded by a fence.

"You'll be able to walk under the belly of Patagotitan," Simpson said.

Starting in June Stanley Field Hall will look a lot different.

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