Stations of the Cross Makes In-Person Return After Hiatus Due to COVID

Thousands made their way to Pilsen to restore their faith on Good Friday

The streets of Pilsen came alive with thousands of believers marching in the Station's of the Cross Friday.

For the first time in two years parishioners came together to witness a re-enactment of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The event drew thousands across the Chicago area ahead of Easter Sunday.

"It restores your faith, it reminds you that you are not alone in your faith,” Nenet Banks, a parishioner, said.

Nenet was not alone Friday. She marched with thousands as the event began at 18th St. and Union at Providence of God Church. The live re-enactment made it's way to Harrison Park, where those watching took a moment to reflect.

“I take this to heart. So when I am here doing this walk, I am doing my prayers. It just helps me personally and spiritually to get closer to God and see what he went through,” parishioner Rosalba Corral said.

The live re-enactment is not an always easy thing to watch. With every lashing of the whip comes a chance to reflect. For those participating for the first time, or those that haven't missed a year it's a chance to come together with the community around them.

"I started back in 1977. I was a Roman soldier on horseback, I’d come out with the same sword they use today. It’s beautiful to see how much this has grown,” Efrain Del Real said.

While Efrain looked back at how much this event has grown, other's took a chance to remember those they have lost.

“The noise of the crowd was moving but the silence of this procession was also deeply deeply moving. For me at least, I thought about students and friends we’ve lost in these last years,” Ken Sawyer said.

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