Silverstein Has Petition Troubles, May Not Make it to Primary Ballot

State Sen. Ira Silverstein was notified Friday by election officials that he does not have the required signatures for his name to appear on the March primary ballot.

He is 45 signatures short of the required 1,000 needed. This setback is quite unusual for a veteran lawmaker.

It's the latest trouble for Silverstein who was accused this past October of sexual harassment by a woman lobbying for a crime bill.

That public accusation led to the Illinois General Assembly quickly rewriting their ethics rules and holding first time ever sexual harassment training for lawmakers.

Silverstein has represented Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood for 18 years.

While Silverstein delivered 1,999 signatures, his petitions were challenged and a report issued Friday noted he was left with 955 signatures.

One way to remain on the ballot is Silverstein would need to verify 45 signatures, by reaching back to those who signed his petitions, getting affidavits from them stating they did in fact sign his petition and have them notarized. 

Jan. 11 is the last day to withdraw before the ballot is printed.

Four other Democrats are opposing Silverstein for the 8th District seat including, Ram Villivalam, Zehra Quadri, David Zulkey and Caroline Mcateer-Fournier.

Silverstein did not respond to questions about his petition challenge.

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