Rash of Car Thefts Plagues Western Suburbs

It’s the biggest crime headache in the suburbs and ramping up to almost epidemic levels from Countryside to Naperville and every town in between.

It’s gotten so bad, Hinsdale Police put this electronic warning “lock your car doors” on one of its most stately streets.

Still, since midnight Monday, in LaGrange and neighboring Western Springs there were a total of 27 car burglaries.

Kevin Berger was one of the victims on the rare night he and his wife didn’t lock up their cars.

“I just the saw the glove compartment was open everything was ransacked," he said.

Driveway after driveway was cased and hit overnight police say. And if key fobs are left inside the entire car disappears too.

A surveillance photo released by the DuPage County Sheriffs office is one of many suspects being sought. Most if not all suspects are believed to be teenagers operating out of Chicago.

So far this year felonies in DuPage County are up ten percent over last.

Almost all of the increase believed to be car burglaries and thefts.

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