25 Cars Targeted in Rash of Auto Burglaries in Mount Prospect: Police

Burglars targeted more than two dozen vehicles in one night in suburban Mount Prospect this week and police say the vehicles all had one thing in common – they were unlocked at the time.

Authorities said 25 auto burglaries were reported in the northwest suburb overnight Monday and into Tuesday.

“All the vehicles were unlocked,” said Commander Robert Smith. “No force was used to enter thesee vehicles. They were all unlocked.”

Police believe the suspects in the rash of auto burglaries may be connected to a home burglary in the area that same night.

Two suspects were caught on security cameras after breaking into a home in Mount Prospect on March 28.

Tom Michelotti said he first discovered his car had been burglarized when his wife found items from inside his truck strewn about their driveway.

“[My wife] called me and I went out there and found there were some cards and papers outside and I opened up the truck and saw it had been gone through pretty thoroughly,” he said.

The vehicles targeted were in neighborhoods between Central and Kensington Road and Russel and Owen Street, police said.

Some victims said they left their cars unlocked to prevent burglars from smashing the windows to gain access, but police say that instead provided the cirminal with an easy opportunity.

“They could also look at it that they wouldn’t have been a victim if they would’ve locked their car,” Smith said. “Because all the cars that we experienced were unlocked. We would even recommend to lock your car inside the garage. Always lock your car. Always make sure you have the keys in your pocket.”

Authorities are asking anyone with information on the burglaries or the individuals seen in the security footage to contact Mount Prospect Police.

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